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wrote a review for Lyon and Post
Lyon and post is great! In a day and age when online shopping is becoming many peoples primary way of shopping this concept is on point! You can order clothes and try them on in the comfort of your own home without running up your credit card! I know most of my friends at this point mostly shop online and end up running up their credit card before making returns! I can order a bunch of dresses for an event, or several varieties of jeans to choose between, they come right to my door, give me a week to decide what I want to keep, and don't charge until they get the return!
I think people's negative reactions come from not understanding how to navigate the site, the queue doesn't work like a wish list, so only put things in you want them to send. But since they don't charge for shipping there's really no downside to checking out some of the things you're interested in!
I have had such a positive experience with the employees there, always a personalized note in their super cute packaging.
I understand people's hesitancy to put in your payment information, that confused me at first too, but I think of it as a necessity for a clothing company that sends clothes out to people without charging. They need a safety net.
Also since the concept is "goodbye to fitting rooms" the idea is you try on anything that interests you, same as if you were shopping in a store. So anything you like enough to put in your qeue you get to try on!
The brands are great, every piece I've ordered I have liked even better in person.
Such a great website I recommend to everyone to try! You will not regret. Total game changer

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