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wrote a review for Lyon and Post
I have used Lyon+Post for 5 shipments now and love this site so much! I have done basically all of my clothing purchases with them for the past 8 months. The clothes are beautiful, they don't charge any membership or shipping fees, and I only pay for what I keep! It is free to get awesome clothes, that you pick out, sent to your house to try. This is my dream site! The clothes are from all of the brands I love like Joie, Vince, Current Elliot, and some more brands I hadn't been familiar with but are great. I like that the range in price is broad too. Yeah, I had to put my credit card in to become a member and then see the clothing on the site, but it is a member service with no fees and they send you clothing without charging you first, so I am cool with it. Whenever I have had a question I sent their customer service an email and they were super quick to respond and were really helpful.

I really like how you put clothes in your queue, there is no shopping cart (woo hoo), and then they send you an email letting you know your clothing are on the way (if you want)! At this point they make it easy for you to delay your shipment or request when you want it sent if you'd rather that. So seamless it is awesome. The whole "put clothes in your cart, pay for them, then go through a return process" is not their deal, and I love that! Keep sending me the clothes I pick out to try for free L+P, you guys rock!

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